Hematite Meaning
Hematite Properties
Hematite Properties

Hematite is the chief ore of iron. Oxygen molecules are closely packed and mixed with iron to form the stone.  It is the most widespread iron mineral and a valuable source for iron. Certain products are made of hematite such as cosmetics, paints, jewelry and carvings. 

You will find hematite ranging from many, different colors like silvery gray, black to blood red. It builds on each other to form successions of crystalline plates. It also leaves a red spot when drawn to the surface. One popular form of hematite is the silvery gray, which is utilized for decorative purposes. As a whole, the stone has 30% oxygen and is 70% iron ore.

Hematite is mixed with quartz so it can be used every day. This increases the lifespan of the gemstone; otherwise it is nothing but fragile.  Each hematite gemstone is variable from the other, but these stones are rusty yellow in color. It is a tuff stone compared to iron and can still be damageable. 

Depending on its composition and color, hematite is described in many different terms. Tiger iron is designed from hematite layered with quartz or other minerals. Hematite rose is designed to resemble a flower. Taking the form of minute grains that are reddish brown is oolitic hematite. A highly flaky hematite forms specularite. A hematite designed to resemble a kidney forms the kidney ore.

Hematite may be combined with other minerals like ilmenite, which includes titanium. This mineral is more magnetic that hematite. It yields a white pigment when pulverized. Hematite may also be found combined with other rock deposits such as corundum. This is an oxide mineral which contains aluminum, rather than iron. 

It is also used as a paint ore. This mineral is used in paints to produce red colors. The ancient Romans believed they were undefeatable, which made them fierce and strong. This was worn especially when they went to battles.

Aside from being utilized for pure iron and other pigments, this mineral can be used for jewelry. Popular for this purpose is the silvery gray hematite, which is polished to shine. This is often used to make bracelets and rings. The stone can also be formed as beads to make other types of jewelries. This can also be used as fabric or carved to make ornamental pieces.

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